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Millions of Latin Americans and US Hispanics could earn higher income and  substantially improve their quality of life if they acquired new vocational skills.
We are building Aprende Institute to fill the gap that exists in vocational education by offering high-quality, accessible, online educational programs.
We want to become the preferred education platform in the Americas and are committed to helping people turn their interests into income, and earn more money doing what they love.

Deliver high-quality education by: 

Engaging subject matter experts to produce interactive, online academic programs in high-demand, income generating topics.

Connecting students with qualified and experienced instructors who are available on-demand to answer questions, provide feedback and ensure our students’ success.

Providing a compelling and engaging user interface powered by best-in-class learning management tools that guarantee an exceptional student experience.

Creating community amongst learners and providing ongoing content well after courses are completed

We currently have two schools:

Gastronomica Internacional that offers courses in gastronomy and hospitality

Instituto Americano de Formación Digital (IAFD) that focuses on trade skills training.


53 of latin americans work in the informal

of Latin Americans work in the informal or gig economy (over 140 million people), many needing multiple ‘side hustles’

one third 33

One-third of adult Hispanics (18+) in the US earn moneythrough the gig-economy, and 47% of those say their gig job provides their primary income.

We are addressing an underserved market with enormous potential

No quality, flexible, or affordable solutions exist to help prospective learners develop skills to earn more vocational income.

Brick and Mortar

expensive, inflexible and not focused on boosting entrepreneurship and fast reskilling.

Free Resources

YouTube and Google have inconsistent quality and no scope, sequence or self-assessment tools

Online Bootcamps

good quality and focused on fast reskilling but only available for coding and tech professions

We are building Aprende Institute to fill the gap in vocational education in Latam and the US Hispanic market in an innovative way

Professionally produced, interactive academic products

Supported by experts with direct access

Flexible and delivered online

For a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar institutes

Our team has scaled successful products in Latam

Martin Claure aprende institute

Martin Claure

Founder & CEO

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Lee Hasson


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Gabriel Osorio Marquez

Gabriel Osorio

VP of Sales Operations

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Adrian Genesir Aprende

Adrian Genesir

VP of Content and Learning

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Pablo Jet Silva Aprende

Pablo Silva

Head of Audiovisual

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Beatriz Ibañez Aprende

Beatriz Ibañez

Head of Instructional Design

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Martin Rubino

VP of Product Management

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...and we have the support of investors and advisors with geographic and industry expertise

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Esteban Sosnik

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Marcelo Claure

Strategic Advisors

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Jamie Farrel

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